We carry the Austrian Ecolabel because sustainability is a key concern of ours.

We want to preserve the natural living conditions for our children and grandchildren through an active commitment to environmental protection. Sustainability and quality are our most important drivers.

Sustainable events are not only good for the environment, they also help save resources and lower costs. We are mindful when it comes to the consumption of energy, natural resources and food. We use FAIRTRADE products, buy regional and seasonal food and keep our carbon footprint low. We use energy and water efficiently, we avoid producing waste and we use reusable and large packagings.

In all areas we consistently strive to further improve environmental protection. We firmly believe that many individual measures can have far-reaching impacts.

We are a large and highly effective catering company and have enjoyed enduring success for many years. We therefore believe that we can meet all requirements to your complete satisfaction. Sustainable profits make us a competent partner for our customers and a reliable employer.


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